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Appel d'offres annuel


Annual Call - Multiple Sclerosis - Fondation ARSEP 2015For investigator-initiated support requests, no topic restrictions are imposed, other than the required demonstration of relevance to multiple sclerosis.

ARSEP Foundation welcomes any basic and clinical research applications focused on multiple sclerosis, including for example: immunologic basis of MS, myelin biology, axonal degeneration, restoration of myelin and axonal integrity, susceptibility to MS, virology, infectious disease processes that may trigger disease activity, imaging technology, identification and use of surrogate markers, clinical research and therapeutics, and so on.

Regulations about research grants:

  • Research projects taking place outside of France can be funded by Fondation ARSEP provided they are integrated into a multicenter project including at least one French team with a major role in the project.
  • A principal investigator (PI) can only submit one project.
  • Funding will be granted for one year, renewable after resubmission.
  • Funding is for laboratory expenses, equipment, access to a technology platform, ... Funding for a technician can be requested, but the amount for the salary cannot exceed 1/3 of the total requested amount.
  • A fixed amount will be awarded: 60 000 € maximum per project.

Regulations about fellowships:

  • ARSEP support covers salary (35 000 € for a doctoral fellowship; 57 000 € for a post-doctoral fellowship);
  • The support cannot exceed 3 years; 
  • The candidate should be less than 40 years old on March 31, 2015; 
  • French nationality is not required
  • A principal investigator (PI) can only submit one project as a coordinator for grant or for fellowship;

PhD students can apply for fellowships only for their last thesis year (3rd or 4th year) and only if

  1. the absence of funding for the entire thesis can be justified or due to unusual circumstances,
  2. a 4th year is necessary for the completion of the thesis and is authorized by the French University

Postdoctoral fellows if:

  1. the applicants reside in France, funding can be granted for the first year and possibly renewed,
  2. the applicants apply for a foreign laboratory, funding can be granted only for the first year providing that the PhD has been performed in France

REMINDER: In respect with the French law, the duration of fixed-term contracts in public laboratories cannot exceed 6 consecutive years (for post-doctoral fellowship).

Fellowship : Grant :Grant + Fellowship :Agreement
Administrative file + project fileAdministrative file + project fileAdministrative file + project file Agreement file

Applications after this date and uncompleted applications will not be considered. The intention of ARSEP is to encourage and support only the highest quality of research and training in areas related to multiple sclerosis. ARSEP has files on its website (policies, procedures and files) for the submission of research grant and fellowship applications. The completed application, including all required supporting documents, must be received by ARSEP by the deadline date in order to be considered for review.


ARSEP proposes 3 types of research supports
1- "Application for fellowship" to fund a doctoral or post-doctoral candidate in studies related to MS.
2- "Application for research grant" to fund a project,
3- "Application for research grant + fellowship" to support a project AND a doctoral or post-doctoral fellow for working on this project. Beware! If you ask for a grant and a fellowship associated to the grant, you have to send ONLY this file.

Participation in a project must be signed by all collaborators involved in the proposed research.

One application by Principal Investigator
Each application is divided in 2 files: 

  • An administrative file. Please, send this file in “word” format. Information provided in this file (summaries in French for a lay audience) will be used by Arsep Foundation for its own communication needs.
  • A project file. This file could be sent in “PDF” or “word” format.

BEWARE: A completed application should have these 2 files.

Applications must be sent by:
1- email to Emmanuelle Plassart-Schiess at: scientific@arsep.org ,
For the electronic version, we cannot accept more than 2 electronic files per grant application. The title of the email should contain the name of the candidate + "AO2015"
2- post to :
14 rue Jules Vanzuppe

The paper document sent by post must by signed by the candidate(s)

Results of the Call for proposals: July 2015

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