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The ARSEP Foundation, supports your research through private donations she receives, including individuals sponsors and companies.
Fundraising is difficult. Therefore, the Foundation thinks that it is absolutely necessary to inform our donors that their generosity has contributed significantly to the achievement of important results in research on multiple sclerosis and associated disorders.
ARSEP Foundation supports financially your research works because she believes in your researchers' qualities and in your research scientific potential. Her objective is to continue this mission which is to support still and always a growing number of research projects.
The increasing support of the Foundation cannot be made without the growth of her fame. For this reason, the Foundation will be very attentive to the fact that her actions are visible for scientific community, media and donors. We reckon on you to communicate and to cite the ARSEP foundation whenever she is associated with advances in multiple sclerosis and associated disorders researches.
As it is notified in the agreements established between the Foundation and the research institutes on which you depend, as well as in the letters of acceptance that you have signed, we remind you that you made a commitment to quote the name of ARSEP Foundation, “Fondation pour l’aide à la recherche sur la Sclérose en Plaques”, and/or its logo, in all publications, oral communications and posters realized through this financial support.
The absence of ARSEP Foundation visibility in the results of your research is very damaging to our efforts to collect funds and in fact to support your research works.

Brigitte Taittinger-Jouyet (Chairman of ARSEP Foundation), Jean Pelletier & Pierre-Olivier Couraud (Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Committee of ARSEP Foundation)


BEFORE to complete the online form, read very CAREFULLY the explanatory note (français - english). 
                                                    Deadline: April 30 2021, for electronic submission
For investigator-initiated support requests, no topic restrictions are imposed, other than the required demonstration of relevance to Multiple Sclerosis.
- Regulations (please download) 

Before your online submission, fill in the application form, depends on your demand, for:


(to create a new independant or autonomous team on MS):  
                                                 Deadline: April 30, 2021, for electronic submission
The 'EMERGENCE' call for research proposals is intended to support, over a period of 3 years, a young researcher (CR/DR Inserm or CNRS or other French Institution), teacher in a French University (MCU/PU), clinician-scientist (MCU-PH/PU-PH), French or not, wishing to set up in France a group to develop an original research project on MS.
- Regulations (please download)

Before your online submission, fill in the application form, depends on your demand, for:


April 30, 2021, for electronic submission
Approche personnalisée, éthique, sociologique et économique de la SEP par la recherche. Cet AAP vise à soutenir des recherches pluridisciplinaires innovantes sur des méthodes d’approches personnalisées de la SEP à tous les stades de la maladie, sur son impact social et économique, sur le traitement et l’utilisation des données cliniques associées.
- Procédures et recommandations (à télécharger SVP) 

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                                                      Deadline: No deadline - throughout the year
To facilitate exchanges between clinical centres and/or laboratories involved in MS. Travel may be within, to, or from France.

- Regulations (please download)

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Afin de développer ses actions d’information à destination des chercheurs et cliniciens, la Fondation ARSEP peut soutenir financièrement des manifestations scientifiques. 

 - Procédures (à télécharger, merci)

Soumission des demandes

Toute demande de soutien d’un événement scientifique doit être adressée à la Fondation ARSEP par email à  








Dernière mise à jour : 28/09/2021
Appelée SEP ou multiple sclerosis en anglais, la sclérose en plaques est une maladie neurologique qui détruit la gaine de myéline. Qu’elle soit de forme rémittente (à poussées) ou de forme progressive, il n’existe à ce jour aucun traitement curatif de cette affection. La Fondation ARSEP œuvre depuis 1969 avec ses bénévoles, aux côtés des facultés, de l’INSERM, du CNRS et de différents instituts de recherche médicale, dont l’ICM et Pasteur.